Medobal is a Healthcare Assistance providing company based in India and a part of Sansi Tourism Private Limited. Medobal assists the patients from across the globe. We receive the inquiries and get the opinions from the expert doctors and well equipped hospitals, then share them with the patients, to council them about the medical conditions of them and what are the opinions received towards its treatment.
Third Party
All transport accommodation and forex any other services will be provided to clients by third parties separate from Medobal ("Third Parties"). It must be acknowledged and agreed by the client that Medobal would not warrant the services offered by the third parties (collectively, "Third Party Products and Services").
Client has the full responsibility to verify every Third Party's terms and conditions that apply to the services it provides, including any applicable exclusions or limitations of liability imposed by the Third Party Service Provider.
Force Major
The obligations of Medobal to shall be excused during each certain period of delay apparently by factors like strikes, riot, explosion, war, fire, flood, earthquake, sabotage, terrorist attack, accident to or failure of machinery or equipments, shortages or power or unavailability of fuel, labor, or transport facilities, accidents of navigation or breakdown or damage to vessels or other conveyances, other abnormal impediments to transportation, government orders, acts of God, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of Medobal.
Client Acknowledgments
Client acknowledges that all medical advice, procedures, care or other Medical Services may involve significant risks. Such risks include, without limitation, incorrect medical advice, unsuccessful medical procedures, inadequate medical care, medical malpractice, personal injury or side effects and injuries during the travel. Client acknowledges that Medobal shall not be obligated to provide or arrange for any legal advice or legal representation for Client as part of services from Medobal, hereunder. It is Client's responsibility to respect the laws and customs of the country of destination or a country visited in transit.
Client Representations and Warranties
Client warrants and represents to Medobal as follows:
  • Client has received, or been advised by Medobal to receive, independent medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner.
  • Medobal has not given Client any advice or opinion other than the opinion received from a practicing Medical Practitioner/Doctor/Surgeon.
  • Medobal doesn’t vaguely provide the Medical Opinion to the patients from other patients’ opinions received from the doctors relevant to the case.

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