Mexico has been home to several advanced ancient civilisations. It is a newly industrialised country and its rich culture and history ranks Mexico as the sixth of UNESCO’s world heritage sites.

Why Mexico?
  • Affordable treatments
  • Great number of hospitals
  • Famous Dental procedures
  • Revolutionary surgeries
  • Laser surgeries
  • Varying climatic conditions
  • Proximity to US and Canada

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Mexico introduced fully functional hospitals as early as in the 16th century. The main paradigm in Mexico’s universal healthcare system is the affordability of innovative and indigenously developed health technologies. Healthcare received is one-third of the cost of health treatments in the US and roughly 30-40% lesser than that in Europe.


Almost a million people from the United States alone come to the Mexico for accessing its health care. Usually, a Medical visa could be obtained for a period of 180 days for foreign nationals. Mexico has over 4,500 established hospitals across the country, of which several hospitals are internationally accredited.


Because of Mexico’s close proximity to the US and Canada, its healthcare service is on par with international standards. Mexico is famous for its dental procedures. It has been reported that many US citizens cross the border to receive complex treatments at prices 25% lesser than those in the US.


Mexico is the largest English - Spanish speaking nation in the world and all professionals are highly fluent in both languages. The kind and courageous people of Mexico are ever welcoming and offer unmatched hospitality, when you visit Mexico.


Mexico is known for its ancient monuments and varied landscapes. Cancun, Mexico City and Cazumel are some of the most visited places among foreign travellers.


The climate of Mexico varies according to the altitude. In the low-lying areas, it is tropical – hot and humid. The average temperature is between 18 - 28 °C. The best time to visit Mexico is between December and April.


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