Singapore is an island city with strong technological advancements in the last decade making its mark as the most popular tourist destination in Asia.

Why Singapore?
  • High standard in healthcare
  • Well-accredited hospitals
  • Popular for Organ transplants
  • Advanced cancer treatments
  • International tourist hub
  • Varying climatic conditions
  • Ayurvedic treatments

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Owing to its high international standards, Singapore is featured on WHO’s list of 191 countries as the 6th country with the best healthcare system in the world. Singapore has several JCI accredited hospitals that provide best and advanced healthcare treatments. The hospital standards in Singapore are quite high and multi-disciplinary services are provided for healthcare seekers.


Singapore attracts large number of medical tourists from all over the globe. The affordable and advanced healthcare packages attract an annual turnover of 900 million dollars from all over the world. Tourists from several countries can get easy medical visa to undergo treatments in Singapore. It even provides free entry to the ASEAN country citizens.


Singapore continues to be the top destination for liver and kidney transplant treatments. A government-funded National cancer treatment centre works avidly towards eliminating the effects of the disease and develops techniques to cure it.


Over 20 languages are spoken in Singapore and English is one of the four official languages. Singapore has a long history of hosting foreign travelers with compassion and care.


Singapore’s extravagant coast lines and authentic shopping markets make it an excellent tourist destination. Pulau Ubin, Jurong East, and Jurong are some of the most visited destinations.


Singapore’s climate is recognized as a tropical rainforest climate with no distinct seasons and characterised by high humidity and abundant rainfall. The average temperature is between 25 °C and 27 °C. The best time to visit Singapore is between July and September.


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